Welding and Fabrication Services

Welding and Fabrication Services

It can be difficult to find reliable welding and fabrication services.

Many welding and fabrication shops claim to know what they’re doing but simply don’t have the experience, expertise or welding capabilities.

Our Big Rig Truck Painting & Repair business is located at 15517 N 850 East Road in Oakwood, IL and provides all of our welding and fabrication services throughout Vermilion County.

We provide high quality welding and fabrication services for a wide-variety of different vehicles and projects including cars, trucks, trailers, shelving, racks and more.

Our staff is qualified and highly-experienced in these services and are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. Here are some of the services provided by Big Rig Truck Painting & Repair.

Welding and Fabrication Services
TIG Welding Services

TIG Welding

TIG welding is very intricate and powerful form of combining two metals together.

This form of welding requires an experienced operator, high-quality tools and patience. We meet all three of these requirements to offer the best TIG welding services in the Oakwood, Danville and Tilton area.

Through our TIG welding services, we can make intricate welds between any form of metal. One of the greatest benefits of our welding process is the amount of control with which the operator can function. Other forms of welding are much more limited.

TIG welding allows for much more intricate and customized welds. This makes it easier to provide customers exactly with the welds they desire.

Aluminum/Stainless Welding

Aluminum and stainless steel are some of the most commonly used metals in the automotive industry.

Nearly every project or service will require precise welding of aluminum or stainless steel in some fashion. We have mastered these welding services and offer them at a great and competitive price.

Our employees can complete aluminum and stainless welds fast and with precision. This ensures that our clients can carry on with other projects faster. We are also capable of welding aluminum to stainless steel.

This is a difficult process that most welding and fabrication shops haven’t mastered.

Aluminum Welding Services
Boat Trailer Welding

Boat Trailer Welding

Boat trailers are a critical part of a successful boat trip. However, boat trailers receive a lot of abuse even when cared for diligently.

The weight of the boat paired with the constant vibrations from the road is a perfect recipe for causing damage and other unwanted issues. We offer bespoke boat trailer welding services that can help repair any damage.

Our boat trailer welds are made to hold a massive amount of weight without any problem. We even offer customized boat trailer welding for those who need something a little more specific.

Custom Tool Boxes

A handyman is only as good as the tools he is using. While it is challenging to have all the necessary tools, keeping them organized is even tougher.

We even have a solution for that problem with their custom tool boxes. We put our fabrication shop experience together with our welding expertise to create a service that will improve the lives of any handyman.

Our custom tool boxes can be made to fit the dimensions, shape, size and even style that every client desires. The only limitation is the imagination as our employees can confidently produce anything.

Don’t stress anymore about finding a toolbox with the perfect dividers, size and design. We will build it for you.

Custom Fabricated Tool Boxes
Auto Body Dent Repair in Danville, IL

Racks for Cars and Trucks

Racks are an incredibly practical component to have on any vehicle.

Unfortunately, not every car and truck model comes with stock racks. Those models that offer an available rack upgrade typically overcharge for the addition.

We can equip any car or truck with strong and aesthetic racks. These racks can help increase storage space and even add an extra piece of style to a vehicle.

Metal Shelving Fabrication

Our Oakwood location can provide much more than auto body welding. We also offer metal shelving fabrication for those in need of a customized shelf.

Whether you’re looking to repair an old shelf or build something completely new, we can complete the task. Our metal shelving fabrication is sturdy and guaranteed to last.

Paintless Dent Repair Service in Danville, IL
Custom Chassis Fabrication

Custom Chassis Fabrication

Our fabrication abilities extend far beyond simple shelving or racks. The professional welders we employ have the ability to create custom chassis through our fabrication shop.

Clients can customize every detail of the chassis and our master fabricators will bring that dream to life.

We can even help with equipping the chassis with additional components or features.

In our Oakwood, IL location we also provide hot rod fabricating services to design, assemble and paint your dream car.

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Welding and Fabrication Services

We provide a host of welding and fabrication services including TIG welding, custom tool boxes, racks for cars and trucks, custom chassis fabrication and more metal fabrication services. In fact, our Big Rig Truck Painting & Repair location offers more services than we can even mention.

Our equipment and expertise provide us with the capability to perform amazing tasks beyond any of our competitors. If you're in need of any special welding or fabrication service, contact us for a great deal today.

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