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Vinyl Graphics, Custom Car Decals & Car Wraps

Cars & Vans

Our durable vinyl graphics can go just about anywhere on your vehicle. We can add decals and racing stripes wherever you want them to go.

Large & Semi Trucks

Having vinyl graphics installed on the side of a large truck is like having a rolling billboard. Vinyl graphics is ideal for large panels, such as those on tractor trailers.

Other Items

Ready to wrap something BIG? We can even install striking graphics on your trailer, boat, aircraft or anything else you can think of.

Custom Vinyl Graphics & Car Wraps Done Right

We understand that you want your vinyl graphics work to stand out in a crowd. We welcome all types of custom projects. We can help you create your own custom car wrap design to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a large door runner decal, we will see that it is positioned perfectly. Need a full car body car wrap? No problem. We also install translucent rear window decals and vinyl displays that are easy to apply to any car windows.

Whether your vehicle needs custom vinyl lettering, stripe decals, custom vinyl decals, or any other full color car graphics installed on any car, truck, tractor, or even any aircraft, just give us a call and we will give you the decal you’ve been looking for.

Unlike stationary billboards, bus bench displays or direct mail advertising, your vinyl wrap will be viewed every day for years for just a one-time cost of custom design and installation.

Call the experts at Todd’s Auto Body for your next vinyl graphic creation or custom vehicle wrap in Danville, Tilton, and Oakwood, IL!

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Custom Vinyl Graphics in Danville, IL
Vinyl Graphics & Car Wraps in Danville, IL

Vinyl Wraps are a Smart Marketing Strategy

For businesses and organizations, vehicle vinyl graphics must be more than just sharp looking. They must be part of your overall marketing strategy to get your company’s brand out into the world. Business owners who are looking for an innovative way to reach the public their message should consider vehicle advertising.

Visibility is key to reaching new customers. Having your business name, logo and contact information on the side or back of your vehicle is a wonderful way to get noticed and remembered. Something small like a bumper sticker does not give off the same kind of impression as a full cover car wrap. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people will see your great looking vehicle and your message every day.

What’s more, vehicle graphics & car wraps are one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available to small businesses and organizations with a limited budget. Your cost per thousand impressions/views (CPM) is far less expensive than a TV, newspaper or magazine advertisement, which must be repurchased over and over.

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Top Quality Workmanship

Everything we do in Todd’s Auto Body vinyl graphics department is done with premium materials. We never sacrifice quality to cut costs. Doing an inferior job is not an option, especially when our work is so visible to the public.

We believe that you deserve the best that the industry can offer, which is why we use high-resolution, durable and high-quality vinyl graphics.

No matter how big or small your vehicle graphic job is, our professional installers will deliver exceptional quality. It’s very important to us that our clients are more than satisfied with our work. We welcome challenging projects and strive to deliver exceptional results.

Our graphic artists and installers are experienced in large-area and partial-vehicle graphics design and application.


We understand that to achieve the best results we must have the best possible equipment to do the job right. We use state-of-the-art equipment and printing technology so that every job produces stunning results.

This vinyl material works well on large flat surfaces and is also very conformable to tight curved surfaces.

What used to be done by painting graphics onto a vehicle is now done with vinyl graphics using car wrap films. This modern method is faster and cheaper than the old way of airbrushing your designs.

After applying the graphics, we laminate it with a glossy UV layer for protection. This ensures a long-lasting and eye-catching creation. It will be completely customized and easy to care for.

All our work is done in a dust free, temperature controlled environment.


Creating a high-quality, stunning job every time requires a great deal of experience. This is why only quality, courteous professionals are on our vinyl graphics team.

When people see the meticulous work that was done on your vehicle, you can expect lots of positive comments and compliments.

Your vehicle will have a one-of-a-kind look that will turn heads.

Make your car, truck, boat or semi truck stand out from the crowd with vinyl wrap near you in Danville, Tilton, and Oakwood, IL. 

Get a free estimate on your next car wrap, custom decal or vinyl graphic creation using our “Get Estimate” form or by simply calling us at (217) 354 – 4277.

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