Hot Rod Fabricating

Hot Rod Body Shop & Fabricating in Tilton, Oakwood, and Danville, IL

We build custom hot rods from scratch or finish hot rods that you have already started. If you have a working hot rod and want the body modified, we can do that, too, whether it be metal or fiberglass.

If we build it, you can drive it. We don’t just build for show, but the end product will be a real head-turner.

You’ll probably want flames, pinstriping and other custom graphics. We can custom paint it all – the way you want it done.

Do you need paint removed from a surface to prepare it for repainting? Plastic media blasting is the best way to strip paint from metal, plastic, fiberglass and most other painted surfaces.

Todd’s Auto Body is your true one stop, full service auto body shop for hot rods in Vermilion County and the surrounding areas.

Hot Rod Auto Body Service

At Todd’s Auto Body, we can make the hot rod of your dreams. Our love for hot rods have inspired us to create some amazing vehicles with superior craftsmanship. Our Hot Rod service is located at our Oakwood, Illinois location.

Our large facility, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced hot rod artists enable us to meet every hot rodder’s need for body work and finishing.

Auto Body Fabricating in Danville, IL

Fabrication & Repairs

If your vehicle’s body needs a part or a panel, we can fabricate it. We can manufacture any auto body part from a fender on a hot rod to the panel on a heavy-duty tractor trailer, bus or farm equipment – no matter how complicated the job may be.

We have the full range of capabilities:

  • Cutting by various ways of sawing, shearing (metalworking), abrasive disks, and chiseling with manual and power tools
  • Torching with oxy-fuel and plasma torches
  • Hammering with press brakes and hand tools
  • Punching and tapping
  • Forming with shaping tools
  • Assembling with welding, binding with adhesives, thread fasteners, riveting, seam crimping

We can make just about anything out of aluminum, structural steel and sheet metal:

  • Create a framed box
  • Custom build a steel-tube frame
  • Install a roll bar
  • An entire hot rod from the ground up

Raw materials we often use are:

  • Sheet metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Plate metal
  • Formed and expanded metal
  • Tube stock
  • Casting

We have the equipment that allows fast set up for:

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Forming
  • Machining
  • Assembling

A Bit of Background on the Hot Rod

Hot rods are generally older, classic American cars that often have large engines. Some historians claim that the term “hot rod” began when people would steal a car, refit it with a different engine and repaint the body. Back then, there were no unique vehicle identification numbers. Once a person made enough modifications, it would be impossible to prove that the vehicle was stolen.

Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the term “hot rod” was used to refer to any vehicle that had a replacement engine that was not the factory original. The favorite vehicle was the roadster because it was light and easy to modify. Sometimes the camshaft was replaced with a “hotter” version. This was known as a hot stick or hot rod.

Later, the term “street rod” came into existence. The focus turned from racing cars to driving a unique car around town. Street rods were typically manufactured before 1949, modified with drive trains that were more reliable.

In the 1980’s, another transformation took place. Rodders started using the all-aluminum 215 from the Buick or Olds. Non-GM lifters and carburetors were use to improve performance.

The History of the Hot Rod
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