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Auto Body Painting Services

We are certified in color matching with all the equipment we need to make a perfect match. You never need to worry that your vehicle will leave the shop with a panel that has a color that is slightly off.

Come in and talk to us about any custom auto body paint work you need done. We custom paint cars, trucks, vans, tractor trailers, semi-trucks, farm equipment and more.

Whether your vehicle has been in a collision, is weather beaten or you just want to have it customized in some way, the custom body paint job we can give it will make you proud to drive around town or across the country.

Todd’s Auto Body in Tilton is a one-stop, owner-operated business.

If you need a full service auto body shop to repair your vehicle, look no further. Our auto collision repair center can provide the body work and customer service required to get the job done right.

  • We can do everything from build a hot rod from scratch to straightening the frame of a tractor trailer.
  • We can repair a minor scratch or paint an entire commercial rig from top to bottom.
  • We can remove a small dent or rebuild an entire cab that has been involved in a rollover accident.
  • We can customize a vehicle to make it a one-of-a-kind showpiece or make a fleet of company vehicles look identical to each other
Auto Body Painting in Danville, IL
Expert Paint Color Matching in Danville, IL
Protect Your Car's Paint Job

Expert Color Matching

If, however, your vehicle does need painting, our courteous professional auto painters will do an excellent job. Technology has brought color matching into the 21st century. It is no longer a matter of guesswork.

We start by taking information about your vehicle’s year, make, model as well as the VIN number. The VIN number is important for color matching because there are times when more than one color was used in the same year. At other times, a color was giving a different name part way through the year. We need to know this before we mix the paint.

Next, one of our professional auto body painters will spot check an area on your car with our advanced paint matching technology. We’ll find a good spot, buff it out and polish it up. Then we’ll use a paint-matching camera to compare the paints. You can be sure that we’ll match the paint perfectly.

Our expert team pays very close attention to every detail. We routinely amaze our customers with our high-quality work. Whether your vehicle has chips, scratches or dents, we can make them disappear.

Then we’ll repair the damaged area. If necessary, we’ll order a new door or fender. Lastly, we’ll paint and finish the repaired or new area to match the rest of the car, all at our auto body repair shop in Tilton, IL.

But your car doesn’t need to have damage to give it a shiny new paint job. If the exterior is showing signs of age, bring it in to our Tilton, Illinois location for a free estimate on a complete paint job.

Local Motorcycle Paint Shop

Ready for a new look, fresh coat of paint, or a body repair for the motorcycle you love?

Todd’s Auto Body technicians can work up a custom design / paint job for your motorcycles fenders, fuel tanks or frames.

Whether your bike is scratched up and needs a little love and repainted, or you want to give your bike a brand new look, we can handle that for you. Todd’s Auto Body has many different motorcycle paint colors and design ideas to help bring your dreams to reality.

If you are in need of a motorcycle body repair or frame fabrication / straightening we can help out with that too.

We offer top quality work at our local motorcycle paint shop in Tilton, IL serving customers all throughout Vermilion County.

Please call today to set up and appointment with our estimator.

Local motorcycle paint shop Danville, IL
Auto Body Care in Danville, IL

Professional Care

While planning your custom paint job, you will get individualized, personal service. We'll discuss every aspect of the work with you before we begin. We know that your vehicle is important to you. We will take good care of it while it is in our shop. We'll do all the disassembling and assembling carefully. Your vehicle will remain in our care at our facility the entire time it is being painted. We don't jump from one unfinished project to another. We will focus on your vehicle, completing the work in the most timely manner possible. We know you are anxious to get your car back (and start showing it off). Why not? You will have plenty of reasons to be proud of your vehicles' new custom paint job.

Todd's Auto Body - Auto Collision Repair in Danville, IL

Free Estimates

You want the most for your money. You'll be surprised at how much custom paint work you can get for a reasonable price. But you'll never know what's available to you unless you bring in your vehicle and discuss with us the work you'd like to have done. Our estimates are always free and we'll be glad to show you our portfolio of past work to spark new ideas. If you would rather make an appointment to discuss your project, call us at 217-431-7209.

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