3 Things You Need to Know about Car Door Repair

Posted on: March 20, 2019

Ready for the cold hard truth?

Cars break.

No matter how well you care for them, wash them, and perform basic upkeep, eventually time catches up with them or accidents happen.

When you think about taking your car into the shop to get fixed, some of the usual reasons include engine and transmission problems or routine maintenance like oil changes or replacing headlights.

But one of the least common issues people think about has to do with the part of their car they use probably more than anything else: their door.

Fix a Car Door Dent

Car door repairs may not be a frequent need, but when they come up, they tend to be fairly urgent.

A faulty door can either prevent you from accessing your vehicle or alternatively leave you stuck in the driver seat with only the passenger doors as an escape.

While these examples might be a little extreme, there are a few problems that can come up.

But luckily, there are also ways to fix them.

Let’s take a look at three things you should know when it comes to repairing a car door.

How to Fix a Car Door

Car Door Dent Repair

The list of things that can go wrong with a car door is longer than some might imagine.

For example, some door handles can become jammed or simply break off the vehicle.

The door’s window can get stuck in the down position, which can pose a major problem during the rainy season.

Then, there are a few of the more common problems like dents, dings, rust and not being able to open or close them.

Many of the repairs for these issues can take a good amount of time and a firm knowledge of mechanics to get them fixed.

While some people can learn how to fix a dent in a car door by watching a YouTube video, there are always other issues that can come up when you do it yourself such as cracked paint.

It is also crucial that a thorough inspection is done of the area behind the dent to ensure there is no structural damage.

Beyond that, many of the other car door repair services involve dealing with the vehicle’s wiring, removing panels, and other intricate procedures.

Car Doors Removed for Repairs

Your best bet is to contact a professional auto body shop for help.

How Long Does It Take?

The easy answer to this question is that it depends on the problem and the availability of the garage.

But to narrow it down for you, fixing a car door can take anywhere from a day up to a week.

More severe problems like major body damage or electrical issues will always take a bit longer to diagnose and repair.

At the same time, many cosmetic repairs like painting can be completed in a day or two as long as the shop is able to acquire the matching paint that quickly.

Cosmetic Paint Repair

These type of fixes can be remedied within a few hours worth of work as long as there aren’t any issues underneath the dents or scratches.

How Much Does It Cost?

Though this is another question that is difficult to answer without all the facts and seeing the issue firsthand, there are some fairly standard prices you can expect when determining the cost of repairing a car door.

We’ve listed a few of the most common things that come up below:

  • Dents (depends on the size): $75 – $130
  • Exterior paint (depends on amount needed): $70 – $300
  • Car door window repair/replacement: Up to $400
  • Wiring: $180 – $450

In the meantime, a few types of repairs are simply impossible to give a generic price. One such example is the cost to fix frame or structural damage.

With so many variables involved, there are a wide variety of possible issues that could arise after a technician got a closer look.

Once someone has been able to do a full assessment of the damages, they can then determine the cost of parts and labor it would take to complete the job.

Car Door Repair Estimate

From there, you’ll be able to get a more definitive estimate of what it will cost you to fix it.

Having Issues With Your Car Door?

While you could try to fix it yourself, the end result may not be what you expected.

And may even lead to further damage. Reach out to our professional team instead to save yourself the headache.

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